Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Ike Fonseca has been engulfed in the Pacific Northwest music scene for the last two decades. As a singer songwriter brought up on many different genres and influences, he has been able to create a sound for himself that appeals to a wide variety of fans. With his own brand of Americana mixed with folk and rock Ike has been described as storyteller for the masses. In Febuary of 2016 Fonseca released his debut album titled Letters Home on No Pants Records. In August of 2016 he released a split album titled Beyond the Picket Fence with Alex Kirk Amen. He also released a split album with fellow songwriter William Surly titled Broke Not Broken on Dear Diana Records. He has since toured from coast to coast and back again promoting his music. In addition to his solo acoustic music, he also currently plays bass in the established Portland punk rock band The Disliked. Fonseca has also found a way to make a positive difference in his own community through his music and his ties to the local music industry. He founded a music based charity called Rock for a Reason PDX in 2000. This charity puts on events that directly helps people and businesses in Portland. No stranger to stage, Fonseca is a full time working musician who is constantly evolving his sound. With multiple albums released, two more came out in 2017 and after full year of shows nationwide, Ike is making the move to Nashville and there seems to be no slowing down in sight.